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Company Policy and Strategy

The company Rudolf Brüggemann Auto Fahrzeugelektrik GmbH & Co KG has been successfully established for many years as a manufacturer of electrical components in a clearly defined market segment for original equipment and replacement parts of commercial vehicles, constructional systems and in the area of sport vehicles and caravans.  The company is bound to the following business objectives:

The long term basic needs of the manufacturing site in Meckenheim, where the delivery standards of our serial products to our customers are continuously being improved and the self-reliability of the site is maintained.  To this we pledge ourselves to a continuous improvement of the operational environment.

In doing so the perspectives of our company are affected by five factors of success:

  • Finances
  • Customers
  • Operational processes
  • Co-workers
  • Management system

In regard to company goals relating to these success factors there arise the following propositions and strategies:

Financial strategy

  • To insure the basic needs of the site the earning power must be increased
  • And the financial capacity must be continuously improved
  • To reduce business risks sufficient liquid assets are required
  • A reduction of risks is to be attained through the development of new customers
  • Conservation of resources
  • Customer and sales strategy
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through optimal information and support for the customers by our operating department and a high degree of fulfilment for customer requirements
  • Improvement of the sales structure regarding the number and share of sales of the customers

Development and innovation strategy

  • Continuous improvement in the critical functional criteria of our products
  • Optimisation of the manufacturing processes relating to costs and process reliability and environmental protection
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • High product quality through reduction of the failure rate on down to “0 failures”
  • Protection of resources in all areas of activity in the company

Procurement strategy

  • Selection of suppliers with regard to a price, quality and environmental impact level suited to our customers
  • Advancement of the reliability of suppliers, especially with our key suppliers for raw materials and precursor materials in regard to quality capability and adherence to delivery dates
  • Cooperation with suppliers, service providers, forwarding agents and outside companies with regard to protection of the environment and environmental activities for the protection of the company and its co-workers against damaging effects

Co-worker strategy

  • Advancement of creativity and flexibility of our co-workers
  • Increase of co-worker satisfaction and the identification with his work through the creation of a comfortable and safe working environment combined with high self-reliance.
  • Improvement of the environmental and knowledge relevant to workplace safety and awareness in regard to energy economy with the co-workers

Strategy of the management system

  • Retention and continual improvement of the process oriented management system as defined in TS 16949 2002 as well as DIN EN ISO 14001:2004.
  • To this we engage a third party to periodically evaluate our compliance towards our customers in the form of a certification
  • Commitment to adherence of all effective internal and external requirements as well as continual conformity with the law.