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Company history

In the year 1962 Georg Grönefeld took over the Zünderwerk Rudolf Brüggemann firm from its founder. The firm was already well established at that time as a supplier for the automobile and commercial vehicle industries.  Founded in 1922 the name of the firm derived from its original product, sparkplugs (Zündkerzen in German). In addition switches and ignition components were built.

With the sale of the firm a fruitful period of collaboration began between Brüggemann and Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH which had just rolled out its first series of magnets, manufactured in an injection moulding process.  The synergy effect between the automobile industry and the supplier initiated a rewarding development in both partners.

After the company founder had departed completely, the development, maintenance and administration of Magnetfabrik Bonn GmbH was taken over.  Ever since, production tools have also been manufactured here.  This teamwork, sustained throughout the years, has profited both companies, each tapping on the experience of its partner, without losing the core capabilities of both companies through a fusion of their talents.

In the aftermath the product spectrum was expanded to fuse holders and cable junction boxes. A series of battery isolator switches for the commercial vehicle branch today completes the programme.

The manufacturing business moved from Bad Honnef to Meckenheim in 1977.  Here the production facilities for plastic injection moulding, stamping of small brass components, plastic processing and assembly are located in several halls at Industriepark Kottenforst.

Since, in the meantime, sparkplugs were no longer manufactured, the word "Zünderwerk" was removed from the title in 1989. In the year 2002 the firm changed its legal structure to that of a GmbH & Co KG and thus today operates under the name of „Rudolf Brüggemann Fahrzeugelektrik GmbH & Co KG”.

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