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Outline of our products

Illustration of a battery isolator switch

Battery master switch

  • For disconnecting battery poles from all electric loads during non-use periods in commercial vehicles, lifting and sports equipment and such.
  • Designed for long-term currents of up to 250 Amperes as well as short-term currents of up to 2500 Amperes
  • Suitable for all applications using low voltages (typically 12V, 24V, 48V) in which the power supply is to be safely isolated during load free periods
  • A super switch designed with solid silver contact bridges
  • Encased with ultrasonic welding
Illustration of a fuse box

Fuse boxes

  • Boxes of BG 30 X or PC with clear covers and strips without covers
  • Available with positions for 12 flash fuses or 12 ceramic fuses (torpedo fuses)
  • Pre-fabricated contact bridges
Grafik einer Kabelverbindungsdose

Cable junction boxes

  • Plastic boxes with mounting supports for terminal strips and mounting bores
  • Boxes of ABS or PA-GF
  • Bushings of NBR for dust- and waterproof cable entry
  • Knurled screws or wire holders enable quick access
  • In part, according to the IP66 safety guideline
  • In the area of commercial vehicles: 12 V, 24 V and 42 V networks applicable
  • Suitable for all low voltage applications (so-called ELV according to VDE0100 Part 410)
  • Optionally with or without 6 pole up to 24 pole plug-in or screw-in connecter
  • As electronic housing without connector available under B 612.0082

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